The Origins or NuOla

Rudi has been organising local league basketball teams for over 15 years and has always been looking for the right supplier who offer a full customisation service rather than your average off the shelf service. He felt that there was a lot of plain jerseys out there and that people, like himself, were looking for a brighter, bespoke solution. So he looked into suppling his own team with fully customised clothing as well as offering high quality garments with sewn on numbers etc for the retro effect. That was back in 2012 and then flag football came along...

Neil was looking for a new challenge and with his passion and desire for American Football he came across a sport called Flag Football; a non contact version of American Football. Little did we know about the sport existing, but we saw it was a fun game with a community aspect about it and a need for colourful designs. Having canvassed the area of Sheffield and Leicester, our first ever flag customer was the now re-branded Sheffield Steel City Knights. From that first day, we now have supplied the majority of the teams in the UK.

We also were crazy enough to hold our first ever NuOla Shield flag football tournament with the aid of the Calderdale Knights. This event has now span into a twice a year festival of flag action.

From flag football leads us into the ever competitive market of the kitted league, however, we have been very fortunate to be able to provide some new and well established teams with their kitted uniforms, as well as side line capes. Baseball is now another sport we have taken on, mainly due to customers not being happy with their current suppliers.

To this day we abide by being the New Wave: product development, new lines and design ideas help us to differentiate ourselves from others.

No other supplier helps promote teams via social media like NuOla…come join NuOla and ride the New Wave!

The word NuOla is derived from ‘Nu’ meaning ‘new’ and the Portuguese ‘Ola’, for wave. Our new wave jerseys are all created through sublimation methods, the latest in custom print technologies – offering clear, long lasting prints that won’t peel in the wash.

The Team Behind the Waves


Rudi Halfmann

Basketball player, supporter, ideas man.

Your primary contact when ordering, Rudi is always on the ball to quickly respond to any emails or questions you may have. As a long time local league player he has experience working with many jersey materials, styles and printing techniques. He’ll discuss your requirements with you and determine the best solution NuOla can offer you.

Rudi is always on the ball to quickly respond to any emails or questions you may have, in and out of office hours.


Neil Wymer

NFL fanatic and Ex Coach.

Since being a keen follower of American Football from a child in the mid-eighties. Neil has gone on to be a well respected member of the flag football community, not only as a player, a coach, but also a correspondent for the website Pulling the Flag.

Whilst playing for the Leicester Eagles is enjoyable, his real passion of coaching the Leicester Huntsmen Youth Team has earned him the respect amongst his peers.

That respect is an invaluable aspect of what NuOla can offer, you our customer, when providing you with the best guidance when ordering our products.


Easy to use website..

The NuOla website uses the latest technologies (HTMl5, CSS3, Boostrap, Jquery). It will run on all mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.

Our product filter enables users to pin-point their ideal product within their budget requirements..


Online Support

Rudi is on hand to give you Live Online Support as well as Email and Telephone.

We love what we do, we are passionate about our products. Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding NuOla products. We are confident we can meet your expectations..